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Use the calendar below to book a strategic coaching call with Coach Ken to get your ex back, to rescue your marriage, or to be guided on how to have a successful relationship with someone with ADD, ADHD, and/or BPD. Whatever the case, know you’re getting the best with Coach Ken.

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About Coach Ken:

  • Family Dynamics Certified Facilitator
  • His Needs Her Needs Certified Facilitator
  • ACADIA Healthcare (Behavioral Disorders)
  • (Prev Director)

“I can’t say enough about my friend Ken’s ability to relate to people who are going through a breakup, marital crisis, or struggle with someone who is suffering from a behavioral disorder. His professional training along with what he has experienced in his own life make him a mastermind to turn to for help in rescuing a relationship.”

-Coach Lee

Coach Ken has spent more than 20 years training, studying, and working with couples and individuals hurt by toxic relationships, narcissistic disorder, ADHD and Borderline Personality.


Coach Ken has a surplus of qualifications, including:

  • Family Dynamics Certified Facilitator
  • His Needs Her Needs Certified Facilitator
  • Give and Take Radio Show – Lead Writer
  • ACADIA Healthcare – Director of Marketing
  • Online Psychology Degrees – Site Manager / Lead Content Coordinator

Don’t settle for anything less than exceptional, not when it comes to your relationship.

Coaching Calls

Coach Ken has already helped dozens upon dozens of those struggling in their relationships. It may be narcissists who can’t take the time to consider how their actions are slowly killing their partner. It may be Borderline Personality Disorder issues, which is extremely difficult to navigate. But no matter the issue, Coach Ken can, and will help those that need it.

Coach Ken has already helped dozens of couples, either reuniting them, or helping them see the truth of the situation for themselves. Sometimes, all it takes is the right perspective. It could be a bully husband, a manipulative wife, or something more on the specific side. But rest assured; with carefully thought out and decisively effective strategies, you will be getting the coaching calls you need.

Coaching Videos

Looking for some quick, while solid relationship advice? Coach Ken has you covered. Check out the Coach Ken YouTube channel for more content; including several videos for specific circumstances. Every video is carefully worded and thoughtfully edited to get you the information you need.

Most videos are dedicated to relationships with toxic aspects. Aspects that often leave you wondering that oh-so familiar question: Do they love me? Some of these situations may include a partner that loves you with all their heart, and you know they genuinely do. Only for them to one day scream at you they want you out of their life forever. Or maybe it’s someone you find is steadily growing more and more distant towards you over time.

Even when it doesn’t feel like there is; there is always, always a reason for a breakup. And if that reason is unclear, Coach Ken can help. It could be a bully of a girlfriend, a narcissistic boyfriend, or even something as serious as Borderline Personality. Coach Ken has you covered. Book a call today!

Such videos include:

  • ADHD & Narcissists
  • Signs My Boyfriend/Girlfriend is a Bully
  • Narcissistic Enabling Parents
  • How to Hurt a Narcissist
  • How to Know if They Love You
  • Signs You’re in a Bad Relationship

These and many, many more. So check out the Coach Ken YouTube Channel today!

Not to mention another project in the works – a specialized video series soon to release. Check back on soon to see what we’ve got in the works!