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Use the calendar below to book a strategic coaching call with Coach Ken to get your ex back, to rescue your marriage, or to be guided on how to have a successful relationship with someone with ADD, ADHD, and/or BPD.

Note: If the calendar dates seem incorrectly formatted on your mobile device, turn your phone sideways. Only one month is shown at a time so click the right arrow on top of the calendar to see the next month’s availability. Payment is through Paypal but even if you don’t have a Paypal account you can simply pay with a credit card through their system.

About Coach Ken:

• Family Dynamics Certified Facilitator
• His Needs Her Needs Certified Facilitator
• ACADIA Healthcare (Behavioral Disorders)
• (Prev Director)

“I can’t say enough about my friend Ken’s ability to relate to people who are going through a breakup, marital crisis, or struggle with someone who is suffering from a behavioral disorder. His professional training along with what he has experienced in his own life make him a mastermind to turn to for help in rescuing a relationship.”

-Coach Lee