Why Chasing Doesn’t Work

Clamoring to have someone back, or “chasing”, is so often brought up in relationship coaching. And in such a negative light, too. But why is that? Is there something inherently wrong with something that’s just human nature? Let’s get right to business here, and start with the breakup. When having your heart broken, for a lot of people, your first instinct is to show them …

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Signs No Contact is Working

Signs No Contact is Working No Contact is not easy. It can feel so counterproductive, especially early on. In several coaching calls, people ask the same question regarding No Contact: “If I’m not fighting for the relationship, and they’re perfectly willing to let me go, how is backing off going to get anything to happen?!” There are several articles that can perfectly answer this question …

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Recognizing Love

We all, hopefully, have someone in our lives we can confidently say we love. We do our best to be there for them, support them, be loyal to them, possibly even provide for them. But to even the most optimistic – there’s always a question that pops into one’s head, even if just out of momentary curiosity. Do they love me? That question is so …

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After No Contact with BPD

Ripping yourself off of a relationship with someone with Borderline Personality Disorder can feel like you’re ripping off your arm. If you’ve agreed to start no contact, it’s likely been a really difficult process. To put things lightly. But let’s say you’ve stuck with it – you’ve taken the advice. You’ve cut off contact, you’ve only spoken to them if they’ve spoken to you while …

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Can No Contact Backfire?

No Contact is a difficult place to be, there’s no getting around it. I start a few posts with a line like that, not only because I feel like it’s just a good hook – but because it’s true. No Contact absolutely is a difficult place to be. It’s confusing, not only due to the specifics of its execution – like how hot and cold …

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How to Avoid Relationships that Sap Your Soul

It’s easier to get drawn into a negative relationship than a lot of people think. It’s easy to get sucked into a relationship that started out seemingly perfect. Who doesn’t like the idea of an amazing relationship from the get-go? But what if things seemed to change overnight? What if a relationship that started out strong, amazing, maybe even surreal, slowly drifts into something you …

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How to Recognize Emotional Abuse in Your Relationship

Does your partner emotionally abuse you? Emotional abuse can be subtle and difficult to recognize. But this type of abuse can erode your feelings of self-worth and chip away at the happiness you deserve. How can you recognize the signs of abuse so you can take steps to protect yourself? Threatening Behavior An abusive person shows his tendency for violence in many ways. He may …

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6 Ways to Tell if Your Loved One is an Exhibitionist Narcissist

Is your loved one an exhibitionist narcissist? It’s common to encounter people who suffer from narcissistic personality disorder. This article will help you discover the key signs that reveal this disorder. Consider this information about exhibitionist narcissists and see if anyone in your life fits the description: 1. What is an exhibitionist narcissist? It’s a person who has a grandiose view of themselves, and an …

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Are You Being Controlled by a Narcissist?

Do you have a narcissist in your life who is controlling you? Someone manipulating your actions and choices to fit their needs with no regard for yours? You may not realize it, but this person may be affecting your mind in some long-lasting ways. A narcissist can be very dangerous to your health, self-esteem, and mental health. A narcissist doesn’t care about more than himself …

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Holding On During No Contact

No Contact is a struggle. There’s no way around it. It’s you putting your foot down in a relationship, something a lot of caring people have a tough time doing. And why wouldn’t they? No Contact is when you look at where you are in your relationship, recognize the other person is – seemingly – moving on, and you decide to stop shoving your love …

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