Health Risks to Being With a Narcissist

damaged person with health risks

Narcissism is a serious topic, with genuine health risks.

Don’t get me wrong, most of them aren’t serial killers, or hiding a few corpses in the crawl space of their home.

Most of them are functioning, even successful people, who can easily blend in well with others. Not just that, but exude charm and style when they need to.

But most of them have subtle, and very damaging ways of getting what they want.

They are especially damaging to those closest to them — the very same people who are usually determined to love them the most.

Often times, the people who protect these narcissists with everything they have, are described as very empathetic, and deeply loving.

In a sad revelation, the truth is, narcissists feed on these caring people. Their seen as a sort of lighthouse, as they know they can get away with so much more of their painful tendencies.

They will drain, abuse, belittle, degrade, injure, ruin, and ravage, as long as they can before causing as much damage they can to the victim, even on the way out as the victim at last decides to cut them out of their lives.

The chances are they’re causing more damage than you even realize, beyond emotional pain and the relentless need for more and more control.

Keep in mind, not all of these narcissistic relationships are necessarily marriage, or even romantic.

Some close friends can affect you just as much, or a coworker/boss you have to constantly deal with. Nonetheless, though, they can be just as damaging.

Here are three ways their actions can affect your health.

  1. Mental Fatigue

These people will constantly rewrite, and change the rules. Depending on what they are trying to get out of you, they’ll shift reality to how it benefits them.

If there’s a restaurant they want to go to, you’ll probably go there.

It’s nothing but gaslight after gaslight, and contradiction after contradiction.

For example, say you’re together, and you’re on your phone. Say as you are this person says,

“Why are you always on your phone? It just makes me feel like I don’t matter.”

So, you think, “Fair enough, they have a point,” and you decide you won’t do that anymore.

But the next time you’re together, not only will they be on their phone, but as you’re talking, they’ll look at you like they are bored out of their mind, and wish you’d just stop talking.

In other words, you know they hold different standards your themselves, compared to what they’ll happily hold to you.

This’ll drive anyone insane.

It’s like when a fan kicks on for a computer when it’s given too many programs running at once.

Like when a computer is downloading something, running a serious video game, watching a movie, and all while you’re in a Skype call, it’ll push that computer to the limit.

What happens is, this person will constantly, and consistently, change the rules of reality for how it best benefits them. Deep down, you know it’s insanely unfair, but your brain is programmed to come up with justifiable reasons for why it’s okay. You start to ignore any genuine health risks to your mental stability.

No one wants to walk around knowing their being played for a fool, or disrespected.

So instead of facing reality, your brain will come up with reasons, how they misunderstood, they’re being sincere, they just can’t see what you do.

You try new ways of conveying your point, and even still, they don’t change what they’re doing. And it’s because they can see it, they just don’t care because it hurts too much.

The more you justify and excuse, the less your brain will see it as a problem, and more so as truth.

It leaves you emotional devastated, and mentally exhausted.

2. Physical Fatigue

Your metal fatigue can, and in fact, likely will, affect your physicality.

It saps you of motivation to do things.

To get more to the point; why would you work out, and try to extend your life, if you feel miserable?

Why even take care of yourself, why take pride of how you look, if you have no pride in who you are?

This person will constantly do their best to show you, you have no value in who you are.

3. Depression

Depression isn’t one of those things where you always know you’re in it.

One day, you just realize you feel more comfortable when you aren’t feeling anything.

That’s when you find yourself binging Netflix shows, knowing there’s nothing to watch, so you find something you hate the least.

That’s your entertainment. Because you aren’t looking for entertainment, you’re looking for a distraction.

You look for a place to just put your mind so you don’t end up continuing to reflect, and deflect your problems, your health risks.

You always have no answer, because there are no answers with these people.

It’s just this horrible domino affect, you’re numb, you’re unmotivated, you’re physically tired, you’re out of shape, you’re mentally destroyed, and you look forward to nothing.

You already got through yesterday, and you know tomorrow will look a lot like yesterday.

So if you find yourself in one of these vicious loops, let me give you a big cue to know to get out.

If you think, “I wish they knew how I felt about this.”

Don’t lie to yourself anymore, and don’t let them lie to you anymore. They know. They don’t care.

Don’t waste your time on it.

Focus on getting yourself to accept the truth.

Because I promise you, the longer you stay in that relationship, and allow it to hurt you, the more it will affect your ability to recognize truth.

The pain of getting over them will be immense, and grueling.

Moving past these people will feel like you’re going through withdrawal. And in a way, you are.

Narcissists are experts at making you feel like you need them no matter what.

You’ve likely already disregarded a few health risks to yourself.

So again, focus on the truth, and begin as fast as you can.