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Borderline learning to understanding herself

– Karen P

Husband Winning his wife back

– Bill S

Boyfriend Winning back his Ex

– David N

Girlfriend Understanding the Breakup and Re-Attraction

– Sherry S

Leading Relationship Expert – Coach Lee

“I can’t say enough about my friend Ken’s ability to relate to people who are going through a breakup, marital crisis, or struggle with someone who is suffering from a behavioral disorder. His professional training along with what he has experienced in his own life make him a mastermind to turn to for help in rescuing a relationship.”

-Coach Lee

Areas of Specialty & Expertise

  • Winning back a recent ex
  • Identifying the cause of the breakup
  • Possible Narcissistic Abuse/Behavior or Recovery
  • ADHD Relationships
  • Borderline Personality Disorder Relationship Coaching
  • Asperger’s Gifted Relationship Coaching
  • Regaining lost attraction from the person you love
  • Understanding and Communication Breakdown and Recovery

Coach Ken background and experience:


To media contact Ken to request a quote, interview, or guest article, email us at [email protected]. We’d be happy to hear from you! is always eager to supply detailed, helpful articles to any appropriate website that may be interested. Each one is derived from nearly 20 years of solid advice and study about the dynamics of toxic relationships. Our articles are properly researched and mindfully worded.

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Social Media

Coach Ken is present on several social media platforms:

YouTube – Coach Ken

Coach Ken’s YouTube channel is our primary focus.

Thoughtful advice and careful editing are a part of every video. The primary focus is toxic relationships; such as living with narcissists, how ADHD can create moments of misunderstanding and irritation, and why Borderline Personality Disorder can be confusing and difficult to be with and handle.

Each YouTube video has a link back to the website for easy access. So if you’d like to make a call, please do so! But the Coach Ken YouTube channel has several hours worth of relationship advice to help.

Twitter – @LoveCoachKen

Coach Ken’s Twitter is quite honestly, not nearly as focused as our other two social media platforms. However, our Twitter still does periodically alert followers on a new video being released on other media platforms.

Still, if you’re simply looking for quick chunks of advice, we’d recommend checking out our Instagram account.

Instagram – @RealCoachKen

If you’re looking for sizable bites of useful relationship information, our Instagram is the perfect place to look.

The Coach Ken Instagram page is frequently uploaded with small, yet valuable pieces of advice. Mainly for toxic relationships, such as a bully husband or an unstable wife. However, some posts also focus on the complexities and trials of ADHD, as Coach Ken himself has studied this thoroughly.

The videos on our YouTube are usually very in-depth, as are the many posts featured in our Articles section. The @realcoachken page on Instagram, on the other hand, is perfect for smaller pieces of valuable information.