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Is Your Husband or Boyfriend an Emotional Bully

I noticed this 1st incredibly effective manipulation dynamic in multiple people who many times turned out to be narcissistic – and to this day I don’t even know if it’s intentional or just the natural outlook of any mind consumed with its own happiness and feelings above all others. The sincerity of their self-focus can sometimes help convince an empathetic person that narcissist truly is …

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Do They Love Me?

It’s one of the those unanswerable – impossible to know for certain – not “black and white” situation – type of questions. It’s the kind of question everyone has a confident answer to give to someone else but can never find any certainty with in their own lives. Do they love me? Actually there are several very popular versions of this single question. Do they …

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Narcissists and ADHD: The Attraction and Danger

WHY PEOPLE WITH ADHD and ADD ATTRACTED TO NARCISSISTS If the emotional world was an ocean – then Narcissists would NOT be the Great White Sharks. They would be Megladons. And Empaths would be Seals. Not “seals” as in US NAVY S.E.A.L.S. badass, toughguy, air/land/sea warrior version either – no this would be the “Awww” look at how cute!”, scared for them to get into …

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How to Destroy a Narcissist

If you want to fight back against a Narcissist, and leave a serious emotional wound in return for the countless times they’ve ripped you open, just to make them know you’re willing to fight back – or get a morsel of your own dignity back, then I only know 3 options that work depending on the situation: If you’ve just realized they’ve been manipulating a …

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The Agony of Empathy

I’m the worst kind of idiot. I’m the “completely willing, totally aware, intentionally vulnerable for the sake of a deep principle I believe in, the principle that believes good people choose sacrifice because I’m convinced that sacrifice is an undeniable, even vital ingredient of any true version of love” kind of idiot. You could say being a relationship idiot is my superpower. And this…this is …

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3 Signs They Aren’t In Love With You!

How to know if someone loves you True love is one of those all-important topics with a lot of questions and very few reliable answers. What is Love? Whatever it is, does it last forever? How do you know if you feel it? How do you know if someone else feels it for you? These are all things everyone wonders during the course of their …

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